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It’s All Greek To Me

While on a search for insight into the deep and rich culinary culture of Greek food I came across an intriguing blog, a little niche in cyber space for an avid lover of Greek food entitled Souvlaki For The Soul (souvlakiforthesoul.com) Immediately drawn in by the wonderfully shot images of Greek cuisine found on the the home page I began what was an interesting and satisfying expedition into the depth of discovery housed in the archives of this one blogger’s page.

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Top 3 Best Malaysian Dishes

Even though a lot of people think that the panorama and metropolitan areas are the primary reason to go on among the numerous vacations to Malaysia, the nation is also recognised for its variety of local meals. Malaysia is comprised of a mix of 3 main etnicities, Indian, Malay and Chinese, that all provide their personal distinctive spin on preparing food; the mixture of ethnicities creates probably the most fascinating meals on the planet. This short article analyses several of the ‘must try’ meals available in this wonderful nation.


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Food Network Star Returns for Eighth Season with Star-Studded Challenges

Food Network Star, Food Network’s acclaimed reality competition show that blends culinary competition with big star aspirations, kicks off its eighth season with a two-hour season premiere on May 13th at 9 pm ET/PT.  This season, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis, who previously were judges on the show, will now compete themselves, each leading a team of five hopeful stars.  Watching as a Food Network star returns for Eight Season with star-studded challenges will no doubt entice viewers.  The third team will be led by famous and colorful Food Network personality Alton Brown.

This season will see fifteen star hopefuls, each assigned to one of the three judges who hand-picked them to join their team.  The teams will compete against each other, with certain contestants eliminated.  The winner of this season will receive his or her own Food Network program, produced by their team leader. [Read more…]