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Brand New Season of Worst Cooks in America Coming this February

Are you ready for a cooking showdown? Well, you won’t have to wait any longer! The Fourth Season Of Worst Cooks In America Returns With Superstar Chefs Anne Burrell And Bobby Flay as team captains of fourteen new contestants from all over the U.S. Three-course meals, a wide variety of dishes, and all sorts of exciting challenges will be coming this way starting Sunday, February 17th at 9PM ET/PT.

Anne Burrell, former culinary instructor and Bobby Flay, restaurateur and cookbook writer, will push their teams to the limit until one final competitor who has shown a true transformation from bad baker to great food preparer is left. Bobby Flay will lead the Blue Team while Burrell will be Red Team’s captain. The winner will receive $25,000 and the team captain will be recognized for helping the winner make a great cooking transformation.

Many of the contestants are from the East Coast, West Coast, and even the South. One of the competitors is Chet Pourciau, a New Orleans native who wants to improve on his culinary skills so that one day he can make some of his grandmother’s recipes. Another competitor is U.S. Marine Tim Burger, who once served a raw turkey to his platoon on Thanksgiving. He wants to help cook for his family and to stay on a budget. Latvian native Alina Bolshakova is a caretaker living in Los Angeles. She knows how to take care of people, except she lacks proper cooking skills. Will these three contestants survive the first episode’s premiere? Find out by tuning in on Sunday, February 17th. Go to www.foodnetwork.com to find more competitors’ biographies and the show schedule. 2013 is beginning with a bang–don’t miss out!

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