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Restaurant in Birmingham

Birmingham is a metropolitan city that lies in the center of West Midlands Conurbation of England. The summer temperate of the city is very moderate and the average temperate is no more than 20 °C. Birmingham is the second most populated city of the United Kingdom having many attractions that include parks, museums, National Exhibition Center, and nightlife. The favorable temperate always attracts tourists and adventurers to the destination, many people head off to the city to taste luscious food side by side enjoying comfortable environment. For food lovers from all Restaurants in Birmingham there is myriad of Italian, Chinese, South American, Indian, European, and Thai restaurant in the vicinity of the city to choose from. The food served in all famous eaters is of high standard with respect to taste, nutritional values, and freshness.  Majority of the five star eaters are positioned amid the center of Birmingham thereby people may approach to them whenever they want and get themselves served as per their personalized preferences.

Whether you are in Birmingham for holidays or on the trip you must not miss the Indian food offered by Indian Restaurants. The Darjeeling was the first Indian eatery in the town built by the brummies. They brought their culinary culture with them and settled down in Birmingham in 1940s. Many new chains were started to be built in the area and soon became favorite to people.

One of the best Indian eatery is ‘The Silver Coin Indian Grill’; they are always engaged in offering high-quality food to their customers. They are located right on the Lorna Rd at 3321 and have a very traditional Indian outlook with respect to exterior and interior of the entity. If you set there to have a lunch you may have to opt for a delicious buffet that many include fresh salads of different varieties, fruits, and entrees like hot Chicken tadoori or Karahi with white or brown rice depending on individual’s request. While you are at table enjoying you hot and nice meal you are constantly served with freshly baked tandoori naan to help you enjoy each bite of the curry. If you choose this eatery to have a dinner with your families and friends you can make the most of various southern and northern Indian foods because the staff has special ingredients to in the cuisine. The grilled chicken with hot sauce, hot grilled kabab, chicken tikki, shahi motton korman with sausages and nuts, and mango’s sausage would be served to you at your table. After tasting their grilled food varieties you would never want to go for any other restaurants for the dinner.

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