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Wine Cellar in Würzburg, Germany

The Wuerzburg Residence is considered to be one of the three most beautiful castles all over Europe (besides Schoenbrunn / Wien and Versailles). Some even say, it’s the most beautiful of all of them because it’s a little more compact, and has a more harmonic and romantic architecture than the other two.

When looking at the map or the history, it’s just a remote place with a sequence of catholic prince bishops that did not have much political power but fertile land around. Mild climate, basically no involvement in wars (prince bishops didn’t fight for their successors), so pretty much money was left for this building. Since they were pressed to service, the people of those years may not have liked to construct it, but now it’s their heritage.
The must see are: the staircase with the biggest ceiling fresco all over the world (!), the emperor’s hall, the mirror cabinett (only on guided tours) and the green gamblers room. Please don’t just look at the decorations on the ceilings and the walls, pay attention to the marquetry on the parquet floors, too.

The rear hall is showing a retrospective of the destruction and the re-building of the Residence and the town after the attack of the RAF on the night of 16 March 1945 when their bombs killed more than 5000 people, mostly children, women, seniors.

The best time to visit this place is either in winter (cold!) when there are little visitors, so that you can enjoy it a lot for yourself, or during spring, when all the flowers are blooming. And the perfect time for the garden around it are the two Saturday evenings in June, when there are the Garden Concerts (Eine kleine Nachtmusik). But in January on a sunny day with snow, it has a special beauty. Another attraction is the wine cellar below the place in front of the castle. It can be accessed through the wine shop (when looking to the front of the castle its to the left across the street). There is a lot more to see in this small town (1300 year old city, fortress, churches, old university) where the X-rays were discovered, too.

The Best Kitchen Gadget Ever

There is something really good and healthy in lemon juice. Lemon aroma is perfect addon for all kind of dishes from wide range of salads to chicken meat. So far there is no good way way to get spray from lemon juice, but after we discovered this tool, there will be one problem less.

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Ooops! 5 Microwave Bloopers!

If we are honest, we’ve all done it at least once. Made a mistake with the microwave. Whether it’s been a simple mistiming incident, or putting in a non-microwave-proof plate I am sure we have all goofed up. Here are five microwave mishaps:

1. The Potato

 Potatoes come in all shapes and sizes. It can be quite tricky to get the timing right. I calculated that it took about 50 minutes to cook a medium sized potato in the oven. The microwave should be at least twice as quick. So put the timer on for 25 minutes. On full power. Then I went out to the local shop just up the road to get some butter to put on my potato. Bad move. You should never leave anything on in the kitchen and go out. When I got back after twenty minutes, I opened my front door and was greeted with the acrid smell of cooking smoke. I opened up the microwave door and there was a totally blackened cremated wreck of a potato. So two lessons learned: One. Never leave the microwave on and go out- you should periodically check to see how the potato is cooking. Two. Potatoes are cooked more quickly than you realise in a microwave. Subsequently I discovered that on full power a potato will normally cook in just one third of the time it takes in the oven. Oh and make sure you prick the potato with a fork before you commence microwaving- otherwise it can explode and make a nasty mess of the inside of your oven!

2. Oysters

While some people prefer their oysters raw, I prefer them cooked. But to microwave oysters is a tricky thing. Even though they all look the same size, I found that some were undercooked, and one or two exploded making a hell of a mess inside the microwave. I have no idea why oysters are so problematic in a microwave- might be something to do with the shell perhaps? So I am not saying that you shouldn’t cook oysters in a microwave, but just do it very carefully. Like ten seconds. Check. Another ten seconds. Check. And cover them with some microwave-proof paper just in case one or two are going to blow up!

3. Unsuitable plates.

Now I knew that you shouldn’t put anything metallic in a microwave from an early age. Tin Foil? Nope. A metal pot? Nope. But only last week I made a chili con carne and had some left over. I’d served it up on one of my more fancy plates. What I couldn’t eat I left on the plate and put it in the fridge. Next day I thought I’d finish it off for lunch. I popped the plate of chili in the microwave and set it for full power for three and a half minutes. Shut the door and… crackle spit fireworks! Sparks all over the place! What was up? It was the plate. It had a tiny circle of gold around the edge and this was causing the microwave to kick up a fuss. I was surprised that so small a metallic area on an otherwise normal plate reacted as it did in the microwave. So always check your plate before you put it in the microwave. Anything metallic there and you’re likely to have problems!

4.  Pasta/Bread

Cooking or re-heating pasta, bread or cakes just doesn’t work. Microwaves work my agitating the water molecules, but they also take out the moisture, and will make the pasta, bread or cake chewy and dry. Not good! But if you don’t believe me- go ahead and try! Perhaps a sprinkle of water will help before you microwave, but I still think you should avoid microwaving these foods.

5. Takeaway Containers

You’ve had a take-away from your local Chinese or Indian or Mexican. There’s some food left in the plastic containers they came in. Put it in the fridge.  Then put it in the microwave the next day for enjoying round two of the food. No! Those cheap plastic takeaway containers are not microwave proof. I ended up with a sticky, gooey mass of noodles and melted plastic!

Of course the main way to avoid problems with your microwave cooking is to read the instructions. It may sound a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people buy a new microwave and don’t bother to read the instructions because they’ve used a microwave before. Modern microwaves are powerful and versatile and you may be missing out on what cooking you can do in a microwave.

The Delicious One Bite Foods

The One bite food is ideal for any kind of parties. The Jenny Park realized this and created delicious book “Tiny Food Party!” featuring delicious tiny recipes. In today’s article we featured 8 foods and shared the recipes, yet you will be able to find a lot more in above mentioned book. The book features super quick and easy recipes for one bite miniature versions of our favorite foods.

Tiny Eggs Benedict

Tiny Tacos

Tiny Chicken N Waffles

Tiny Mac N Cheese fried pockets

Tiny Meatloaf On a Stick

Tiny Banh Mi

Tiny Pop Tarts

Tiny Bloody Marys

Awesome Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Hacks

What is the best part of Halloween? What do you love the most about this part of the year? It may be the delicious Halloween food, funny and creative costumes or the Trick-or-treating we all love? For me the thing i love the most are pumpkins. Once i open and start carving i get all kind of ideas and inspirations. However, not always i do what i wanted and sometimes i fail to fulfill what i wanted at start. Because of all this, we created an article that will guide you and show you some tips and hacks for this year Halloween pumpkin carving. We know today’s article is not about food recipes and meals you can prepare, but if you are looking for treats you can prepare for the Halloween, check out the delicious pumpkin spiced cupcakes we collected few days before…

Cut the top for easier scraping

Use a dry erase marker instead of a Sharpie

Use a cookie cutter + a mallet

Trace a stencil with a nail or tack

Use glow sticks in place of candles

Make holes with a power drill

Use glow-in-the-dark paint + masking tape

Try fishnet stockings

Preserve with a coating of floor cleaner

Give them teeth

Turn It Into a Keg


How Many Can you Guess?

We collected and lined up 20 delicious candies and we bet you to recognize all of them.  I best most of visitors tried at least half of them but can’t recognize them easily… For people who are extremely curious just press CRTL+A and check result bellow the photo… Yes, you may now go and grab a snack…


Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

Whatchamacallit, Snickers Almond, 5th Avenue, Butterfinger Crisp

Rolo, Reese’s Fast Break, Oh Henry, Chunky

Almond Joy, 3 Musketeers Dark, Snickers, Milky Way/Mars

100 Grand, Reese’s Wipps, Caramello, Payday

Mounds, Baby Ruth, Charelston Chew, Caramel Big Kit Kat

Fruit Salad Ice Pops

Summer and warm days are here. Most of us hate big temperatures and we look for delicious refreshment. Fruit salad ice pops look both delicious and healthy. Fruit and water mixed together creates some of the most beautiful food photos we ever had on our website. Enjoy…

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Killer Wedding Cake

Cake decoration is really a passion and a joy for all periods. It’s a enjoyable and satisfying artwork to bake cakes on your own and spruce up them for your loved ones, additionally, it may help you save money. It’s an creative ability that you can learn after a little professional assistance intermingled with a good quality cake design suggestions and ideas. It’s an art which will keep training your creativity, carry on creating your talent, and definately will always make other people pleased. Decorating cakes is quite personal nurturing, because you may feel great whenever you provide your dessert to another or discuss it with them. [Read more…]

Benefits Of The Dark Chocolate

 A lot of us Adore chocolates, don’t we? We like the bitter and sweet flavor elements, combined with the rich and creamy consistency and the oh-so alluring fragrance. Each one of these characteristics bring about our passion for chocolates, and the freat side of it, is that you can make a lots of homemade cakes, using this amazing nature’s product. On the other hand, not every chocolate is made similarly. White chocolate and milk chocolate don’t hold the health advantages of heavy, chocolate bars.

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Top 4 Foods To Eat And Watch Football

Don’t you enjoy the thought of cold Sunday good afternoon spent indoors checking football game games? I know that I do, as do billions of other Americans all end-to-end the nation. Football game has rapidly convert the most pop athletics in the nation, and the completely feel of observance a game at house with fine food for thought can be a actually gratifying one. As a matter of fact, what we consume during the games is occasionally even as gratifying as the games themselves. We Present you 4 very pop foods to consume on an football game. And, if you don’t like ordering in, you can always search for some good homemade recipes, that can be really easy!

1. Buffalo chicken wings

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The 25 Most Disturbing Bacon Themed Products

We all know that bacon is food icon of our time. Normally bacon is server mostly for breakfast smoked with eggs. Bacon can be eaten smoked, boiled, fried, baked or grilled or can be used as minor ingredient to flavor dishes. All around the world bacon is prepared in many different ways, but always with same goal: to be delicious. [Read more…]

10 Foods That Should Exist

Everybody tried at least once to create some strange and unique food. Good knows that imagination is border. Sometimes imagination can be really creative and we sometime wish those food are actually real so we can taste them…Bellow you can check some of best looking food we all wish they exist created by College Humor. Please let us know in comments if you know for any imagine food you wish is real… [Read more…]

Food Of The Rainbow

Today you have chance to see something really unique and strange… Something that you can find in any McDonalds or BurgerKing or similar places… This is mother of all sandwiches, and his name is the Rainbow sandwich.
Do you recognize any of ingredients used to create this king? We recognize only few things there like green bacon and purple salad… Can you help us with other? [Read more…]