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Paprika and Eggs Flowers Breakfast

Are you tired thinking of what to get for breakfast? Are you sick of pancakes and syrup? Do you want your day to start with something creative? If you answered all questions with yes, you are on the right place. Check out delicious paprika flower shaped eggs. It is ideal idea for breakfast of champion and it can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Tasting Table at the Hall Winery in St. Helena

The table is made of a poplar tree, cut down and split length-wise. The bark on the outside is the original bark. The wood portion is actually a painted veneer. This prevents red wine from staining the table during parties.


Via the winery: A moment of reflection under the shaded terrace is all it takes for you to know why we feel so privileged to be a part of this exceptional Napa Valley vineyard. The manicured vineyards surround our oasis, shelter it from the crowds, and give voice to this historic estate. A step forward here is a step back in time, and pace. Some of the first settlers in the valley chose this location for its pastoral beauty and the richness of its soils, perfect for raising crops and families. The ambition of Saint Helena Winery is to balance the bounty of our vineyards with the unyielding focus of our winemaking team into a harmonious expression of our terroir in every bottle. We are privileged to take part in a moment with you and your friends, and we invite you to relax and savor our estate wines while contemplating the beauty that surrounds you.

Delicious Food Photography

Food is major part of our lifestyle and we constantly search for good delicious recipes or quality restaurants to try out new meals. In the following article we collected the top 20 amazing food photography that will open your appetite even you are not hungry. Enjoy…

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