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It’s All Greek To Me

While on a search for insight into the deep and rich culinary culture of Greek food I came across an intriguing blog, a little niche in cyber space for an avid lover of Greek food entitled Souvlaki For The Soul (souvlakiforthesoul.com) Immediately drawn in by the wonderfully shot images of Greek cuisine found on the the home page I began what was an interesting and satisfying expedition into the depth of discovery housed in the archives of this one blogger’s page.

Souvlaki For The Soul,  the greek food blog has been on the web since 2007, created by a like hearted lover of Greek food Peter. This Aussie from down under has dedicated Souvlaki For The Soul to his own search for the bests of Greek food, fueled by his passion for travel and the insight that local culinary traditions can shed on the cultures of the people and places he’s been.

Right on the front page is a stunningly framed photo of a filo pastry, turns out it’s this blogger own Greek rendition of Beef Wellington, done with lamb wrapped in a filo dough. Edgy in his passion for new and exciting Greek fusion cuisine Peter has a growing fan base on the web with thousands of followers “pinning” his recipes onto various social media sites; segueing into one of my favorite aspects of Souvlaki For The Soul, and one that new readers are sure to appreciate, his recipe columns.

With recipes ranging from lemon infused olive oil to Kolokithokeftedes, or baked zucchini fritters, there are a plethora, nay a virtual smorgasbord, of both highly traditional and cutting edge fusion Greek recipes to keep both the experiences and novice cook busy and hungry for more and new exciting things to try.

Although the food discussed on the blog is as broad and diverse as Peter’s global travels, the heart and soul of the page reflects it’s very name. Souvlaki For The Soul is a treat to stumble across on the internet, thought provoking and eclectic, the wonderfully designed site is certain to add to the depth and appreciation of any Greek cuisine aficionado. Fusion or not, Souvlaki For The Soul shows how a whole new generation of young Greek will carry on the wonderful and ancient traditions of Greek food and culture to the future, helping better spread both the appreciation and passion for Greek cuisine that so many of us certainly have.

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