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It All Starts with a Bowl of Cereal and Milk

It’s hard to get what you need out of a delicious breakfast. You don’t want something yummy, but also bad for you, which can cause grogginess and unsatisfied hunger. At the same time, you want something nutritious, but not plain and flavorless. Kellogg’s, one of the world’s prominent cereal brands has joined forces with famous health practitioner, Dr. Travis Stork. “It’s not just whether you eat it, but what you eat, and having protein with whole grains during breakfast is a great option. Protein is an essential building block for the body and whole grains provide energy,” explained Dr. Stork.

The beginning of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be plain or unsatisfying. Stork helps families recharge, rebuild and refuel with a bowl of cereal and milk. A bowl of Kellogg’s brand cereal with a cup of skim milk provides essential vitamins and minerals needed to help you keep going throughout the day. Protein helps retain and even gain more lean muscle mass while whole grains can refuel the body. Throughout 2014, Dr. Stork will help educating families with Kellogg’s about how eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast in the morning can be beneficial to the mind and body.

This post was sponsored, but opinions are my own