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New Best Teen Chef competition with Art Institutes

If you are very creative with basic knowledge of cooking you should enter into New Best Teen Chef Competition with Art Institutes. Art institute’s kitchen is just an inspiration of talented chefs who posses real cooking skills and have strong association with the culinary education. If you are one of them and with a talent of creating colorful recopies using your own combination of different ingredients you could also be a part of this new best teen chef competition. You can start off with your education and get a hold of bright future in the cooking field with Art Institute. The competition is for both teens and adults students/chefs, you can entire either in the high school senior The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition) or high school graduate (The Art Institutes Culinary Scholarship Competition), whatever matches your skills and level of knowledge in the cooking. The art institute has been organizing such programs for 13 years now thereby putting realt-time opportunity for high school seniors of the U.S and Canada. If you ever wanted to be acquainted with sophisticated discipline of the cooking industry now it could be the right time to start off taking part in this culinary scholarship competition. [Read more…]