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The 10 Best Fictional Pizza Places

We are always enjoyed in Everybody’s love Raymond and they goings into Nemo’s pizzeria, where they always have delicious pizza as well with beautiful waitresses. We always wondering is there more fictional pizza places like this one? Well, bellow you can find list of the 10 most famous fictional pizza places…

Pizza Planet (Toy Story)

Paisanos (Seinfeld)

Family Bros. Pizza (Futurama)

Shakey’s (South Park)

Cosa Nostra Pizza (Snow Crash)

Pizza-Face Pizza (Rocko’s Modern Life)

Nemo’s (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Sal’s Famous (Do The Right Thing)

The Well Stacked Pizza (Grand Theft Auto)

Senor Pizza (Loverboy)


  1. Grant Merrigan says:

    Shakey’s = Not fictional

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