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The 25 Most Disturbing Bacon Themed Products

We all know that bacon is food icon of our time. Normally bacon is server mostly for breakfast smoked with eggs. Bacon can be eaten smoked, boiled, fried, baked or grilled or can be used as minor ingredient to flavor dishes. All around the world bacon is prepared in many different ways, but always with same goal: to be delicious.

Today, we collected some bacon flavored products than we can’t explain why producers used bacon as flavor. Some of them actually have nice idea like Baconnaise, Bacon Hot Sauce, bacon spam or gummy bacon, but other are just discusting and we will never try them. Those are mints, floss, toothpaste or gums…Some of them are funny like bacon tape, wallet, boomerang, watch or vodka. Craziest of them all is Bacon Baby Formula…Where this world goes?


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