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The Food Networkʼs Great Food Truck Race

On August 19, come join the Food Network as it brings back one of your favorite competitive journeys.

The Food Networkʼs The Great Food Truck Race returns for a third season this summer, and this year, thereʼs a twist. No longer a competition between current food truck operators as in prior seasons, this high-stakes battle is between eight teams who desperately want to break into the food truck world. While they may be food truck novices, they are no amateurs, but brilliant culinary masters and visionaries who have finally found the opportunity to get the shot of a lifetime.

Each three-person team will be provided a vehicle for the race, but only the grand prize winner gets to keep their food truck at the end of it all. Not only that, but a $50,000 cash prize to jump start the winners business, and the chance to show off their skills to the whole country, is what awaits these nervous, but ready competitors as they set off on a race of both exciting and delicious proportions.

The food truck movement is growing all over the country, maybe even near you! Watch it unfold the right way, with The Great Food Truck Race, beginning on Sunday, August 19, only on the Food Network.

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