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The Top 5 Indian Takeaway Dishes

Indian food is one of life’s great pleasures, and more people than ever as slowly discovering the culinary treats of this great country. Indian cooking goes back centuries, to the early days where spices were being cultivated and shipped around the world. Unique combinations of these spices were blended and added to a sauce consisting of tomato, onion and ghee (a form of Indian clarified butter).

We all know the classics in terms of the Tikka Masalas and the Kormas, but there are a number of great dishes that don’t get the attention that they deserve. The truly authentic taste of India can be found across the dishes, so if you’re looking to try something new, then try these:

Aloo Gobi – This delicious vegetarian dish is comprised of tasty cauliflower and potatoes that have been infused with peas and onions in a thick and dry curry sauce. It is usually served on the side of a main dish, and perfectly complements a saucy meat dish.

Saag Paneer – This is another side dish created with homemade cottage cheese and spinach. Cheese and spinach is always going to be a classic combination and this dish blends this light spices to create a great tasting and unusual dish. A truly authentic taste of India. A far tastier option than ordering Pizza Southwark on a whim.

Lamb Bhuna – This is fast becoming a popular dish but is still not reaching the heights of popularity that the Korma is getting to. The Bhuna has a medium heat, dry and spicy sauce. There are plenty of onions, and this dish is great with a nan bread to mop up all the sauce. You can ask for this dish to be hotter too if you desire, as the dry sauce can handle the heat.

Chicken Pathia – The pathia is a great and unknown dish that features a hot and sweet sauce. This unique flavour compliments the peppers and meat perfectly and is the perfect accompaniment to a portion of rice that can absorb all the juices. The dish is usually finished with slices of fresh cucumber to add freshness.

Fish Balti – Although the balti is already a popular dish, the fish gives it a new dimension. Not many foodies have tried the dish with fish and they are certainly missing out. The delicate flavours of this dish lend themselves to white fish, and if it is cooked properly, then the subtle flavours will shine through the dish.

Steve writes about food whilst working for a Chinese takeaway Islington, in the heart of London.

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